Speakers EUSSER Symposium 2018: Ian Horsley

Speakers EUSSER Symposium 2018: Ian Horsley

The SC joint +/- AC joint

Ian Horsley is a Technical lead Physiotherapist and Upper Limb lead for the English Institute of Sport. He has a clinical and research interest in management and rehabilitation of the shoulder, is a member of EUSSER Ed com and the British Shoulder and Elbow Society Ed Com

Details about the workshop on Saturday, 22th September 2018 in the afternoon: 
The sternoclavicular joint is the only bony attachment of the upper limb to the axial skeleton. It is generally an area of neglect for assessment and treatment. We will cover the relevant anatomy and biomechanics of the joint and its involvement in the function of the upper limb, and introduce assessment and treatment techniques.

Dagmar Diwok

Dagmar Diwok has 35 years of experience in the coordination of international teams and projects. She has lived in several EU countries and speaks/writes 5 languages. Currently, she is based in Germany, self employed for the organisation and support of different initiatives, groups and events.