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‘It’s a Fine

‘It’s a Fine"Balance’"

Managing Stability & Function in the Shoulder & Elbow"

London 18 Oct 2014 - Int. Symposium

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Does surgery have any added value in Atraumatic Shoulder Instability?

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European Society for Shoulder and Elbow Rehabilitation

EUSSER: Connecting People - Creating Bridges

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EUSSER is made up of health professionals
specialized in shoulder and elbow dysfunction


The board members consist of allied health professionals, doctors and surgeons whose common aim is to improve shoulder and elbow care using the society as a forum of education, promoting research and linking professionals and patients across Europe.

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EUSSER is the context / network where I learned more during the last years about Shoulder Rehab !

Marco Conti
Shoulder Surgery and Rehabilitation - Milano - Italy


The European Society for Shoulder & Elbow Rehabilitation's primary objective is to provide a high standard of information and education related to shoulder and elbow dysfunction to enhance patient care.

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We have delegates all over the world: that's how we promote the need for rehabilitation in shoulder & elbow dysfunction, high quality research and education in shoulder & elbow rehabilitation.

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