EUSSER-SECEC Rehab Day 19/9/2015

EUSSER-SECEC Rehab Day 19/9/2015

The next EUSSER - SECEC conjoint Rehab day will be held in Milano the 19/9/2015
The EUSSER board encourage PTs members and non members to submit their abstracts related to the Shoulder and elbow Rehabilitation!
Join us and share with us and with PTs from all over the world your kwnoledge and your expertise and...your doubts !

to join the Submission page please use the following link:

Feel fre to participate !
Waiting for you and your contribution! 

the EUSSER Board

Marco Conti

Consultant for Shoulder Rehab at the Reha Unit of the Humanitas Hospital Milano Alex Castagna senior assistant - EUSSER Treasurer from 2009 to 2014- SECEC Reab Committee Chairman Medical degree from Milan University in 1991 PhD in Human Physiology in 1996. Specialist in Sports Medicine since 1997 and since that time he has worked closely with Dr Alessandro Castagna, internationally recognised shoulder surgeon. Trained at the SCOI with SJS Snyder from 1997-1999, at the Orange County Orthopedic Speciality institute with B Rubin in 2002.