2014 AGM

2014 AGM

The 2014 EUSSER General Assembly (AGM) of members was held at the Britisl Library the 18 October 2014.
We had the e-vote of 120 members and of 25 members on site

All decisions taken are available in the minutes !
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Thanks to all of you for your appreciation of the work done and for your enthusiastic participation!
For any suggestion or request for your active participation to Society life please feel free to contact our secretary Anna Watson at info@eusser.org

The EUSSER Board
Marco Conti

Consultant for Shoulder Rehab at the Reha Unit of the Humanitas Hospital Milano Alex Castagna senior assistant - EUSSER Treasurer from 2009 to 2014- SECEC Reab Committee Chairman Medical degree from Milan University in 1991 PhD in Human Physiology in 1996. Specialist in Sports Medicine since 1997 and since that time he has worked closely with Dr Alessandro Castagna, internationally recognised shoulder surgeon. Trained at the SCOI with SJS Snyder from 1997-1999, at the Orange County Orthopedic Speciality institute with B Rubin in 2002.