The board members consist of allied health professionals, doctors and surgeons whose common aim is to improve shoulder and elbow care using the society as a forum of education, promoting research and linking professionals and patients across Europe.

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Thanks to enthusiastic pioneers like Jan Nowak (Sweden) and Olivier Gagey (France) EUSSER was founded in 2008, with Rafael Franck (Switzerland) as the first president. Our first steps were characterized by good will, a tremendous drive from all people involved, and huge ambitions regarding communication with health professionals in the area of shoulder and elbow rehab. However, probably like most societies, we had to convince physicians, surgeons and therapists from all over Europe about our aims, strengths and opportunities. Today, EUSSER has grown into a well-recognized society, with activities all over Europe on a national and an international scale. I am very proud to been given the opportunity to chair the society for some years, and I wish the society good luck in evolving the position of shoulder and elbow therapists in a European context

Ann Cools
EUSSER President 2010-2012


The European Society for Shoulder & Elbow Rehabilitation's primary objective is to provide a high standard of information and education related to shoulder and elbow dysfunction to enhance patient care.

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